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Doula Service

Having a doula is having extra emotional support.  A doula is not instead of your partner. A doula can support you both.

The emotions of a woman in labour directly effect her hormones. A woman's hormones are central to her ability to birth. It is important that a woman in labour feels safe, calm and supported emotionally. As a doula I will guide you along each step of the birthing path helping you to feel safe, relaxed  supporting your oxcytocyn (birth hormones) to flow and keeping adrenaline low.

I have been a doula in Liverpool for over 10 years. Helping many women birth their babies. I have over 17 years experience teaching yoga. I use yoga to prepare the body physically for birth with movement and breathing and deep relaxation. I work with pelvic mobility, alignment and stability. We can work together to ensure baby is in the best position for birth. 

A doula is there to serve the mother and support the couple as they become a family.

My Doula Package includes...

  • Initial meeting
  • 2 official pregnancy meetings at your home
  • 4 1:1 pregnancy yoga birth preparation sessions including pelvic alignment, breathing for birth and deep relaxation (each session is 1 hour and a half)
  • 1 private couples birth preparation session - a session for you as a couple to come together and prepare for birth (this session is two hours)
  • Towards the end of pregnancy we will speak each day as we wait for signs of labour to begin
  • I go on call for you 2 weeks before your due date
  • I am on call for you 24/7 until baby arrives - I will never be more than an hour away
  • I am present at the birth until baby arrives
  • Early days postnatal healing session to realign the pelvis and begin internal healing with gentle breath work and relaxation.

Each birth I have attended has been different. Each birth I have attended has taught me something. Everyone of them has made me cry. Birth is not easy, but a doula will walk this path with you, hold your hand, help breathe your fears away and show your how to find a strength and a courage you didn't know was there...

I work with my clients over several months before baby arrives and in that time we can build trust and an understanding of what matters most to you and your partner as you prepare to meet your baby.

To discuss costs and availability please contact me by email or phone.

If you have any questions or you would like to talk about this please do get in touch.


" You are not just my yoga teacher or my doula you are my friend. This has taken me a while to put into words because there are not enough words! ... You were there for me during my pregnancy when I needed to laugh, cry, rant! You helped me to have a wonderful Blessingway in the sunshine and at the end of my pregnancy you helped me with yoga and robzo.  When I called you to say my waters had broken at about 10.30pm we thought we would get a nap but baby girl had other ideas,  contractions came e fast I was in active labour when you arrived! You comforted me, breathed with me, laughed, swore with me and bathed me and most of all listened to me and what I needed! (*wipes away tears*)
Midwife arrived and I was grateful that you told here what was happening and shouted for Neil when I said I was crowning (I don't think midwife believed) you and Neil held my hand and rubbed my back and the presence of you both there gave me strength I knew I could do it, my body was made to do it! And I did it !
I took control and I breathed my baby girl out!     Neil took care of our baby and had skin to skin and you looked after me. We laughed when I put on my Minnie Mouse shower cap and you helped me shower, you fed me chocolate and made sure I was Ok. I will be forever grateful for the care and love you showed us and can't can't wait to start Yoga with Libby." A.Turner

""Jenni was always there to provide both physical and emotional support for me (and my partner) in the weeks before giving birth, during labour and in the weeks after giving birth.
During labour, Jenni created an environment that was both calm and peaceful and it was such a great relief to have someone with me who understood the birthing process and could be the buffer between the medical staff and me, filtering information, making decisions that she knew were right for me, allowing me to relax and focus.
My memories of bringing our beautiful daughter into this world are such wonderful ones thanks to Jenni and she will always have a special place in my heart." J. Beckworth

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